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Para los usuarios de Linux que programan microcontroladores PIC. Sitio de debate y recursos compartidos.

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GcBasic-PL is a modification of  GcBasic, an open source Basic compiler.

GcBasic was developed tio be used in Windows, then it don't fit in the Linux directory structure; allthough it can be used in Linux as is, in GcBasic-PL some modifications have been done to fit in the  /usr/bin /usr/share  structure, also added some "exit with error" to be used from Gedit or Ktechlab.

In addition to this modifications in the compiler core, some new function libraries are available, is also possible to use "int" variables that allow to do operations with negative numbers.


Beside the original GcBasic functions, there are some added:

     Multitasking: Allow an easy way to program tasks that must be executed periodically.
                                In a wide meant this helps to do time based programming.

     ADC para PIC16F87X: Low level ADC functions to the 16f87x family and compatibles
                                the ADC reading process is divided in small functions, writen directly in asm,
                                then the generated code is smaller and faster.

     Comparadores: Commparators functions, writen for 16f87x, but useful for other models
                                Also writen in asm for keep a smaller as possible code.

     Funciones para Gedit Pic-IDE: Allow connecting Pic with Gedit Pic-IDE plugin
                                This way is possible to read/write Pic registers from Gedit throught
                                serial port (at run-time).

     Variables tipo INT: PAllow negative values in math operations, using  INT (16 bit)
                                there is also an absolute value fuction.


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